The Cold BlowsThe Cold Blows are an international duo featuring British singer, songwriter and pianist Annalie Wilson and Polish drummer and producer Szymon Piotrowski.

Their story is a unique tale of love, loss and international risk. Wilson had been searching for a studio to record the vocals for her almost-complete second album, a labour of love peppered with obstacles and delights. Intuition and a fondness for romance led her to the beautiful city of Krakow, where she resolved to spend Christmas and New Year 2012 living alone in an old flat with a wood-burning stove (which she did eventually succeed in keeping alight.)

All she needed was to find someone mad enough to join her on this adventure. Through auspicious coincidence (and the power of the internet) she met Piotrowski, who heard the music and decided to dive in. The pair spent many happy hours together in Piotrowski’s downtown Psychosound Studio layering on vocals, drinking Jack Daniels and swapping useful linguistic phrases.

On returning to London, Wilson composed a song called ‘Snow’ (which had featured somewhat heavily in her Winter experience in Poland) and sent it to Piotrowski to put drums on it.  Blown away by what came back, she and filmmaker Sylvester Laciok put together a video for the song using footage shot on location in the foothills of the Silesian Beskid mountains. In June Wilson returned to Krakow and she and Piotrowski played their first gig together, with virtually no rehearsal, at the Onamato Gallery in Krakow, to a packed out and delighted audience.

A few months later Live in StavangerPiotrowski moved to Norway and invited Wilson to join him for a weekend live recording session, with the view of making a live album together. After a tempestuous Summer, with a heart broken in two places, freshly wethered by some of the coldest blows of her life so far, Wilson had no shortage of new material, so she quickly boarded a plane to Norway, and the result is their first joint production, Live in Stavanger.